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Summer’s in full swing, so Pinners are looking for ways to make the the most out of the warmer temps. Read on to see the hottest trends on Pinterest right now.

Life’s a beach

Move over rompers, one-piece bathing suits (+143%) and bodysuits (+89%) are the new “one and done” outfit of summer. Just add a straw tote (+125%) and you’ll be making waves.

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Hygge is cool, too

Hygge, a Danish concept centered on coziness, has had a strong influence on home decor this entire year (+16x). Now we’re seeing cooler twists to make the style work for warmer months, too. Think copper string lightspastels and airy vibes.

This decor is bananas

People sprucing up their space are taking cues from their backyard. Banana leaf patterns are showing up everywhere from wallpaper to pillows. This playful pattern keeps growing in popularity, with saves up nearly 100% since last year. Indoor rattan is also making its mark, with saves up over 2x since May of this year.

Fire it up

It’s camping season, so naturally, campfire foods are on the rise. The most popular recipes on Pinterest cover a pretty broad range of menus: classics like foil-wrapped potatoes, plus newer takes like omelettes in a bag.

Don’t forget dessert. Pinners want more s’mores, from campfire cones to rice crispy treat upgrades, and this strawberry s’mores has been saved more than 60,000 times. And the best yet? People are sneaking alcohol into the gooey goodness, because of course. Try the popular s’moretini shooter or Bailey’s-dipped marshmallows.

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—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to PIN NOW, READ LATER

You’ve probably been thinking of ways to get outside and get some fresh air since January. But hosting an al fresco anything isn’t easy. Thanks to millions of party-planning Pinners, we have the scoop on the summer-ready ideas to help you host the best bash or everyday celebration. Here are a few highlights from our recent summer entertaining report.

Party in the front

Savefrom stylebyemilyhenderson.comFun tile (print and color!) provides a great base for outdoor living areas. Searches for outdoor tile +32% YoY.2K+Pin PicksSummer entertaining 2017

This summer, it's all about hanging out, out front. Turn your front porch into a front deck, or add a fire pit or decorative tiles, to the yard. These style upgrades increase curb appeal and give off good neighborly vibes.

Take the inside out

Savefrom whiteandgolddesign.blogspot.comPeople are literally moving their living rooms outside for summer, complete with rugs, coffee tables and throw pillows. Searches for outdoor living rooms +32% YoY.53K+Pin PicksSummer entertaining 2017

Think about how you furnish and accessorize an indoor room, and apply it outside. You can literally bring your upholstered furniture or gallery wall outside, even if it’s only temporary.

Easy eats

SaveDIYBefore you toss your cantaloupe rind or hollowed out coconut, get creative with ways you can serve smoothie bowls, cocktails and more. Searches for recycled fruit bowls +37% YoY.87Pin PicksSummer entertaining 2017

First things first, pour yourself a drink. Next, put out some fruit and dip for people to nosh on while they arrive. Hollow out a lemon, use the rind as a serving bowl and fill with melon and mint. Then, it’s time to get grilling. Let your guests build their own BBQ bowls with a spread of fresh fixings.

Lawn game alternatives

Savefrom b3hd.blogspot.comHow to make a tabletop fire bowl!!!!!!21K+Ashley TuckerOutdoors

If you don’t have a yard to play outdoor games, gather your gang around a mini fire pit and knit. Plant embroidery livens up a space with greenery, and bonus: you cannot kill these plants.

—Aimee Bidlack, currently saving ideas to HOME

Back to school is a time to reboot, a fresh start for everyone—even if you don't have kids. Pinners are looking for ideas that are easy, affordable and a reflection of their personality. From pre-school to post-grad, we’re breaking down the top 39 trends for both kids and adults. Meet the new best in class...

Elementary: Easy as 1, 2, 3

In August, everyone’s deep in the lazy days of summer, then BAM! It’s back to school. There’s no magic reset button, but there are a few tricks to make it a little more easy (and fun!).

  • Pick their outfits for the week (+47%) and organize them with a hanging organizer, plastic bins or hanger tags.

  • Even if you don't have a full-size mudroom, you can keep the kid clutter from taking over with a designated drop zone (+48%).

  • Car games don't have to be reserved for long road trips. Story starters (+121%) are short, fun ways to get their minds warmed up for class.

  • With just a few supplies, kids can make painted rocks (+220%) of animals and people.

  • Hate cutting off sandwich crusts? Then you’ll love lunch kabobs (+67%)—and so will they.​

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College: The fresh 15

Dorm rooms are small, impersonal and ill-equipped for cooking, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The right dorm decor can add style and personality, and food tricks for the kitchenless. Here are a few faves from our back-to-school cheat sheet, the freshman 15:

  • Share a favorite quote, hashtag or message on a felt letter sign (+42%).

  • Removable decor like temporary wallpaper (+344%) and washi tape are easy, non-permanent style hacks.

  • From quirky cactus to delicate copper, string lights (+23%) are always a bright idea. And neon (+197%) isn’t just for dive bars anymore.

  • You don't need a green thumb to add greenery to your space. There are dozens of hard-to-kill houseplants (+111%).

  • Easy one pot recipes (+960%) are no-brainers for students who don't have access to a kitchen and want healthy, fast food. Craving Cheetos? Turn vending machine food into epic snacks (+99%).

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Work: The non-negotiables

Remember the thrill of buying new outfits and school supplies for school? This is the grown-up version.

  • Millennial pink (+100%) is everywhere. For those 9-to-5 days, a pantsuit is a smart choice for the office.

  • Paper bags aren’t just for lunch. Paper bag pants (+682%) and skirts are unexpected looks that make stylish work-to-drinks pieces.

  • Not only do Himalayan salt lamps (+148%) have a pretty glow, but they clean the air and counteract electromagnetic radiation. Add one to your desk ASAP.

  • The perfectly portioned bento box (+90%) is an easy way to pre-pack lunch.

  • happy planner (+574%) is not your average planner. It's a cheerleader, personal assistant and best friend.

  • PopSockets (+3920%) are the do-it-all tech accessory that act as a phone grip, media stand, cord wrap and more—you can even hang jewelry on it.

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—Cami Winding, currently saving ideas to Apartment Livin'

Cure the end-of-summer blues with a fresh batch of new trends to try. Read on to see the latest in style, beauty and food.

Food or dye

They say you are what you eat, but some people are taking that literally. Saves around food tattoos are up more than 800% YoY in the U.S., and people are getting permanently inked with tiny popsicles, egg and bacon crossbones and their one true love—donuts.

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Is chicken the new bread?

Ketogenic recipe searches are up more than 750% in the U.S. with Pinners looking for new twists on low-carb eats. This chicken crust pizza recipe has been saved more than 12,000 times since it popped up on Pinterest a few months ago.

SaveI Breathe I'm HungryThis amazing keto chicken crust taco pizza has only 2g net carbs!!! Low carb and gluten free!400I Breathe I'm HungryI Breathe I'm Hungry

Freaking out over freckles

Glitter freckles are making their beauty mark this summer, especially on the festival scene, with saves up more than 85% YoY. For a more everyday look, people are saving natural makeup ideas that highlight their for-real freckles and skin, rather than cover them up.

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Nothing but net

The bag that’s going to carry you through the rest of the summer, is the net bag. Particularly popular in Germany, this shopping-bag-turned-it-bag has been making waves across the Atlantic, and some styles even cost less than a cup of coffee.

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Okay, I want to try everything.

—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to Inked

We’re trying to enjoy the final days of summer, but these early fall trends make us want to hit fast forward. Read on to see the most searched and saved ideas on Pinterest right now.

Hairstyles to fall in love with

Summer’s natural hair trend is continuing with more carefree cuts this fall. Searches for curtain bangsare up more than 100% year-over-year in the U.S. Curly bangs (+111%) and '70s inspired shags(+220%) are also on the rise. For more hair and beauty trends, check out our recent Pinstyle report.  

Cheers for beer—and kefir soda?

People are saving 20% more beer recipes year-over-year around the world. But these recipes are anything but boring. We’re talking about beer slushies and beer-flavored desserts, like chocolate porter ice creambrown ale ice cream with salty caramel and honeyed peanuts and berry-beer popsicles.

If beer’s not their thing, Pinners are reaching for herb-infused water (+55%), a tastier twist on H2O with endless flavor combos. And kefir sodas are the new kombucha with people saving more than 100,000 ideas.

Pass the everything

Pinners are satisfying super-sized appetites on game day with tortilla cups (287k saves), breakfast sliders (129k saves) and crockpot white chicken chili (35k saves )—just a few of the crowd-pleasers Pinners are scoring on Pinterest.

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Small wonders

With many Pinners heading back to school and moving into dorms and apartments, we’ve seen a rise in small space decor. Floating bookcases help create a focal point, flow and privacy in an open area. Hanging headboards and shelves keep the floor clear. And removable decor like temporary wallpaperand washi tape are easy, non-permanent ways to add pops of color.

—Christine Cassis, current saving ideas to DIY

Winter, schminter. The colder temps are no big deal, when you know what the hottest trends are. To help you warm up to November, our insights team dug into what people are currently searching and saving on Pinterest. Cozy coats and pressure-cooker comfort foods are just a few that made the list—read on to see the complete rundown.

Wrap yourself up in cozy

Pinners are reaching for coats and jackets that keep them warm and looking good this season.

Faux fur is a major trend for fall, especially throwback vintage styles, up 54% this year. The super soft teddy jacket is the latest variation, and nails the cozy thing, with saves up more than 1200%.
Also making a bold statement are brocade jackets with searches up 37% and dusters up 31%.

No pressure pressure-cookers

The pressure cooker is a real holiday hero. Pinners get their favorite foods on the table in less than half the time. Everyone’s eating up the classic French dip sandwich with more than 60,000 saves this year. Instant pot chicken recipes, like fall-off-the-bone chicken (+82k saves), are especially popular, spiking at 1145% this year.

'Tis the season for slow cooker recipes, too, with a 143% increase in saves right now and over 20 million recipes. Healthy alternatives are especially popular, up 331%. Two to try: portobello chicken(saved +25k times) and cabbage roll soup.

Holiday helpers

Skip the mid-holiday meltdown with a little organization and self care. Bullet journals hit the sweet spot between mindfulness and productivity, and continue to rise on Pinterest, up 113% this year. Women’s tech accessories, up 44%, are helping people keep all their work essentials together in a stylish way. Case in point: this leather tech envelope. And for a quick fix of zen, busy Pinners are de-stressing with mini mindfulness sets, up 41%.

Step up your gift game

If you want to get a head start on your holiday gifting, here are a few early-bird shopping trends for everyone on your list.


—Christine Cassis, currently saving to HOME 2.0

October officially opens the door to the holidays, and we’ve got the shortlist of trends you’re going to love all season long—think throwback-inspired styles, cozy decor, comfort food and more.

Dressing through the decades

Some things are best left in the past, but these should definitely be in your future. The '70s are back with wide leg pants (up 89%) and retro patterns and textures, like plaid (up 112% this year) and embroidery (up 51%).

'90s fans are crushing on head-to-toe velvet. Velvet clothing is up 31% and velvet shoes are up 44%. Also seeing a revival? Fishnets, with saves up 318% this year.  

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Indi-go for it

Both shibori and indigo-dyed mud cloth have been trending for the past year, but really seeing a spike as the temps drop. Mud cloth is up 550% year over year, with neutral and natural designs especially popular.

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Hanging out at home

Everyone has space for hanging decor (up 72% this year), whether you’re in a college dorm or country home. We’re seeing a lot of love for hanging greenery and boho branches as we shift into fall.

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Metallic makeup rocks

This makeup trend gives new meaning to heavy metal. People are taking a shine to metallic and glittery makeup, from metallic lipstick (up 118%) to copper eyeshadow (up 30%).  

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Beyond the PSL

It’s not all about pumpkin spice. Fall menus promise so much more. Case in point: cinnamon apple chips (58k saves), baked figs with goat cheese (14k saves), stuffed butternut squash (20k saves) and autumn minestrone soup (15k saves).

—Christine Cassis, currently saving to try new things

Every year, people search and save more than 200 million Halloween ideas on Pinterest. Our insights team dug through the data and narrowed it down to 101 trends in our top categories. From creepy costumes to food and boos, our 2017 Pinfrights report has everything you need for a killer time.

But first, take a walk through the interactive Pinterest Haunted House to see and save trends featured in this report (and more!) one room at a time. Go on, it won’t hurt a bit.

Costumes to DIY for

Sure, you can buy your guise, but we’re partial to homemade. Whether you need a group getup, canine costume or pretty creepy makeup, we’ve got you covered.

Group costumes

Kid costumes

Family costumes

Couple costumes

Maternity costumes

Pets costumes

It’s hard to resist dressing up our four-legged friends every day, but on Howloween, it’s a MUST with searches for pet costumes up 67% year-over-year. Here are some of our favorites.

Solo costumes


Sink your fangs into these

If you’re too old for traditional trick-or-treating, you can still get in on the fun. Make these tasty bites at home and share with your ghoulfriends and family.

Haunt your house

Looking for new ways to creep your peeps? Take a stab at these witch-crafty ideas.

See all 101 trends featured in the 2017 Pinfrights report.

Got a killer idea? Share your spookiest snack, fake blood pro tip or last-minute costume hacks, with 

MyPinterest for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

—Amy Sims, currently saving ideas to out of this world

It’s the most wonderful (and stressful) time of year. From now until the new year, there are endless ways to celebrate. People on Pinterest especially love the holidays, plan early and save more than 750 million holiday ideas every year.

Thanks to our Pinsights team, we have a best-of list featuring 111 of the top trending holiday ideas people are searching and saving on Pinterest. From how to freshen up your Friendsgiving and meh menorah, to rocking around a pineapple tree and champagne bar, these are the top ideas for every holi-YAY celebration.

Oh, what fun it is to eat

Pinners are thinking big—and small—when it comes to holiday party spreads. Simple, make-ahead food and drinks that please a crowd are popular, especially pressure cooker recipes (+1066% YoY) and grab-and-go goodies (+404% YoY).

Pinners are keeping an eye on their rump-pum-pum-pums, and taking a healthy break from holiday feasting with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Keto recipes in particular are booming with a 4460% year-over-year increase in saves.

And the classics are here to stay—with a twist.

Home for the holidays

This year, Pinners plan to deck their homes with greenery, glitter, giant balloons and more.

Feel-good fashion

Pinners have been planning their holiday looks since July, and saved 243% more outfits this year than last. Popular on the party circuit? Everyone’s got their hands on velvet dresses (+159%), tulle skirts(127%) and faux fur jackets (+322%).

You obviously can’t wear those to your annual ugly sweater party. Don’t worry, we got you covered head-to-toe with snowglobe sweaters and bow shoes.

Merry makeup and a happy hair year

Holiday parties and NYE are the perfect excuse for extra shimmer. Gold eyeliner is up 722%, and star makeupsmokey glitter eyesheavenly hair and rose gold highlights are also on the rise. The finishing touch is a pretty-in-pink lip, up 154%.

See the complete 2017 holi-YAY trend report.

And that’s a wrap! Remember to share all your holi-YAYs with

MyPinterest for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

—The Pinsights team, saving the latest trends to Pin Picks